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How Did I Get Here? Becoming an Administrative Virtual Assistant.

Updated: Apr 11

My passion for the administrative field began in 2005 after landing a position as an Administrative Assistant with one of the top accounting firms in Atlanta. I learned most of what I know now from the rough tax seasons I endured assisting my four assigned accountants. 

Throughout the years of working with different industries, I was fortunate to utilize my skills (while picking up more skills along the way ) with some really good companies and organizations. 

Fast forward to when I landed (what I consider ) the "perfect job", all things came to a halt. You see, I am the mother of 5 children and married to an amazing man but I noticed that when I got home at night, my family was getting the rest of me and not the best of me. Evenings consisted of me being tired, groggy, and not the best person to be around. I struggled with requesting time off from work to be present for school lunches, doctor's appointments, and award ceremonies during the day. It was hurting my heart and shifting my family's perception of me (at least that’s what I felt).

Not to mention that my husband had his own painting business outside of being a firefighter. His clientele was strong enough to where advertising was not necessary (14 years in ). At this point, his business was streamlining on referrals and recurring customers. There were many nights when I would stay up to help him with proposals and other tedious admin tasks. 

It wasn’t until months later I realized that although my job may appear to look good….it just wasn’t something that was “good” for me at the time. My family needed my attention and with each day that passed by, I could feel the need for my presence at home…permanently!

Weeks later, I made the hard decision of putting in my resignation. 

Don’t Fear Change…Embrace It!

I took a week off after resigning to think about what my next step would be. I was a bit nervous because all of my children were in school during the day and I was home alone….without a plan. My husband was either on shift at the fire department or painting. I instantly became worried.

Without realizing it, the next season of my life was already staring me in the face. As my husband continued to paint, the admin portion began to get overbearing for him, so during the day, I would continue to help him with his proposals and set up estimates. I eventually redesigned his website, updated his bookkeeping system, and created brochures for his estimates. It turned into something that I really enjoyed doing because I was in the midst of my passion and he could focus on just painting.

Ergo, Administrative Virtual Assistant

Three years later, I sit here as an Administrative Virtual Assistant, from home! I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of streamlining my husband's painting business and I wanted to extend that service to other business owners. So I decided to launch my business, Griffith Virtual Services earlier this year. 

The best part of being an Administrative Virtual Assistant is:

  • Being home with my family

  • Making my own schedule

  • Utilizing my talents and skills to help other business owners

  • Indulging in my passions 

  • Learning new skills to share with future clients


Working from home has its days but I've learned to work harder at being a freelancer rather than an employee. Like any other business owner, I recognize that challenges are evident but without those struggles, there is no growth. The fact of the matter is, I’ve never stopped doing what I loved, I just altered the method of how I choose to do it. 

Need help with the administrative commitments within your business?  Contact me here. I would love to hear how I could help. 

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