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" Maximize Productivity and Delegate with Confidence" 


Virtual  Executive Assistant 

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"I find great enthusiasm in supporting well-established busy professionals maintain organization, effectively manage their priorities, and alleviate their administrative burden.


Does this sound like a valuable service for you?"

GVS Services  


Calendar Management 

Assist in scheduling meetings, appointments, and events, coordinate and manage the organization's calendar effectively.

Data Entry Management  

Organize and update databases, inputting data from various sources, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Email Management   

Filter and respond to emails, ensuring that important messages are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Document Creation/Updating 

Create and format documents such as reports, newsletters, and presentations, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance.

Project Management Support 

Assist with project coordination, setup task management systems, monitor project progress and facilitate communication among team members, ensure project stays on track and deadlines are met. 

Research Assistant

Conduct online research , gathering data, and provide summary report. 

General Administration

Provide support on miscellaneous administrative task as needed. 

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